Service #1

Shelter Home & Contact Centers.

Service #4

Vocational Training.

Service #7

Job placement and Referral services.

Service #2

Formal & Non Formal Education.

Service #5

Medical Checkup and Health Care.

Service #8

Awareness creation.

Service #3

Education for Life.

Service #6

Counseling and guidance at all levels.

Service #9

Holistic Development.

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Lend your hand for this noble cause.

Every girl on the street needs a home, care, education and support. To take care of street girls depends on generosity of people like you to give a future to them. You are most welcome to visit is any time. Do lend your hand to at least one of the girls. Open your heart to these girls at Asha Niwas. Your smile to these girls will be more than a reward.

Do you want to be a partner of this venture?

You can help girls by:

  1. Donating materials.
  2. Spreading awareness.
  3. Extending your skills.
  4. Financial support.
  5. Sponsoring one child's development and education.
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