Shelter Home & Contact Centers

Holy Family Asha Niwas serves as home for Girl Child where they live in a protective environment.

Formal & Non formal Education

Holy Family offers girl child formal as well as Non formal education to grow mentally and bring out their passion.

Education for Life

Education is right of every child. Holy Family offers girl child platform for overall development.

Vocational Training

Holy Family Asha Niwas provides vocational training to develop skills in a girl child which can help her find suitable line for future.

Medical Checkup and Health Care

Medical checkup is done to ensure that girl child maintains good health and remain healthy and they also learn healthy habits.

Counseling and guidance at all levels

Care is taken to bring the best out of every child by doing proper counseling and also address any problem statement which child may have.

Job placement & Referral service

Holy Family connects with patrons & agencies to help girl find suitable job to earn a living for themselves.

Awareness Creation

Awareness around society, education, health is provided to girl child so that they understand overall perspective and become strong to face life.

Holistic Development

Holistic development is very important hence it is one of focus area at Holy Family Asha Niwas.