Every CHILD is special!!!

Children are blessings of GOD sent from heaven to earth. Development of family, society, country depends on overall development of a CHILD. If there is holistic development of CHILD, there will be good development of society and country.

But it is SAD that some unfortunate child specially Girls are just abandoned & left on the road to fend for themselves. Few parents, few families do not want a Girl Child. They forget that there is someone sitting above who is looking at their deed.

But GOD is there. If he has sent someone on earth he has created the basic necessities also for him/her. He makes a path for these girl to reach right places where they get taken care of in terms of food, clothes and house.

Every CHILD is special and that is the reason we decided to create this organization to help a girl child and provide them with shelter, clothes, food, formal & vocational education, help them create place for themselves and also try to see if they can get settled in Life and live a descent Life which they deserve.

Every Child is special and that is why we need your help. You can help the girl by various means like donating materials, spreading awareness, extending your skills by spending time educating the girls, financial support or by sponsoring one child’s development and education.

Do connect with us if you want to take up the challenge of changing our society by transforming an individual in distress and give a life, an opportunity which she deserves.