Venerable Father Joseph Vithayathil

Co Founder of the C.H.F. Congregation

Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia

Founder of the Holy Family Congregation

Since 1993


Holy Family Asha Niwas belongs to the congregation of the Holy Family and was founded by Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia in 1914. The new Congregation spread its routes far and wide. Today it has above 2000 nuns in over 200 houses. The congregation reached North India in 1964 and has been carrying out large number of social and charitable activities like orphanages, home for aged and disabled, vocational training centers for poor girls in various parts of India and also rendering services in the field of education, health care and women empowerment.

Knowing the felt need of this place, the nuns of Holy Family Congregation have undertaken a new project providing shelter, education and rehabilitation of the street girls in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India. The project was started on April 26th 2001 in Mahavir Enclave with five children. We bought a land and constructed a building in Najafgarh, so that girls can do higher education.It is located at Dichavu Road, Near Dichavu Gaon, Najafgarh, New Delhi.

At present we have 25 girls in Mahavir Enclave and 20 girls in Najafgarh. 15 girls got married & settled their life. Girls are from age group 3 to 18 years old. Six Nuns are working for these children of both centers. Asha Niwas is a home that promotes all secular values and celebrates all Indian festivals.

As per JJ Act, we have to give lot of many facilities to girls in the center. Since we have lesser facility available at Mahavir Enclave like smaller room & less ventilation, we have decided to close down Mahavir Enclave centre and shift the children to Najafgarh very soon. In future most likely we will have only one center which will be in Najafgarh center.

Sister Lilly Chirayath is the Director of Holy Family Asha Niwas.



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